Looking for multiplayer companions

Arrange meetings with other people to play MP, announce your servers.
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Looking for multiplayer companions

Post by michael-fsh »

Hi, I think I’ve reached a point where single player cracracktorio can’t satisfy my itch anymore. So I’m looking for likeminded people to E X P A N D the factory with.

I’ve built 1 mega base so far, so I’m not a beginner, but I’m totally not a pro/veteran/giga nerd. But I can aspire to be one.

We’ll get along swimmingly if this list makes you happy:
- No spaghetti, there’s an order to the world and disorder must be nuked
- I like trains
- Everything is material for humor, except griefing the factory
- Programming is fun, especially while hiding memes in the code
- Violence against biters is welcomed
- Ratios are important
- Learning new patterns is part of the fun
- Lists are nice

Despite the description I am not a child, I’m 27 everywhere except my mind. I believe they call it a man-child.

UTC +2 Easter European time zone.

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