Compilation of various factory designs?

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Compilation of various factory designs?

Post by silman »

I was wondering if we should start a wiki page that compiles factory designs under their end product, i.e. this factory is optimised for making electronic circuits, this factory makes inserters in the least amount of space, etc.

The idea is that people can share their designs and potentially start at the same point (e.g. all factories start with just copper and iron plate), or you can list dependencies (e.g. this factory requires you make transport belts in a different location) and then link to a factory that makes that dependency.

I suggest this because i see a lot of posts here and on reddit's factorio community asking for others to share their designs that make X (where X is an item in game), and it would be nice to compile some of the more efficient designs.

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Re: Compilation of various factory designs?

Post by ssilk »

Yes, why not? I see that under the list of tutorials. ... =Tutorials
I thinks that's the right place to link subpages which shows different aspects of the game.
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