I made myself a new challenge for 1.0, it ended up being my most fun build yet!

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I made myself a new challenge for 1.0, it ended up being my most fun build yet!

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I love the polluted water effect, but it also made me sad for escaping the planets and leaving it behind so dirty...
So I made my goal to launch a rocket with my starting water source still blue! I (mostly) succeeded. :D

How did I accomplish this you ask? TREES. No, really LOTS AND LOTS of TREES. after 10 hours I probably only saw my character model for 4 or 5 of them.

every square on the map: a TREE! maximum trees!
It was the most tedious game of Factorio I ever had, but that and the rush to both get to, and have the resources for bots made it incredibly fun.

I also put my power station right next to the water, for maximum difficulty
In the end, I failed, half my water had turned, but it was only in the last 15 minutes after turning on the rocket parts portion of the factory.
I also feel like I cheated a little bit, I just blueprinted my factory from my initial 1.0 playthrough, but I may have gone insane trying to do a new build in that maze of trees.

based on the number of chest dumps for trees, and how many I used for fuel, I would guess I chopped by hand about 7-8,000 trees...

A little album of the factory.

also: yes, biters and aggression were on, but even if they had seen me I doubt they could have gotten TO me from all the trees blocking movement.
anyone else thought up new challenges for themselves in 1.0?

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