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Wording of the new website

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Not sure if I should post on here or Ideas and Suggestions, but I'll post it here for now.

I think the new website is great, but I think that some of the wording in the "contents" page can be improved:

Logistic Robots

Current: The "third support" of the logistic system. You need advanced technology for this. But once you have it you have all these cool looking drones that move the stuff for you based on some general conditions you set up.

My suggestion: The "Third support of the logistic system." Hovering above structures and terrain, these advanced drones can move items from chest to chest with flexible configurable conditions.

Circuit Network

Current: You want to have exactly 106 circuits in your buffers? No problem, just make a circuit that switches off the production line once you have reached the limit. This is an advanced but powerful concept where you can really "program" your factory. With items such as programmable speakers, complex arithmetic processors, lamps and more. The sky is the limit with this Turing complete system.

My suggestion: With advanced tools such as wires, processors, lamps, and programmable speakers, the circuit network allows you to program a simple buffer that switches off production when the limit is reached, fine-tune your entire factory's production based on conditions, or even recreate entire videos or video games within the game. The sky's the limit with this Turing complete system.

Reach the Stars

Current: The final goal of the game, can you prove your factories worth by researching, constructing, and launching a rocket into space?

My suggestion: As the final goal of the game, can you gather what you have learned and use your factory to launch a rocket to reach the end...or is it just the beginning?


Current: Belts are great for minerals... if the mineral fields are close and not that big. Otherwise you better build a good-old train tracks and scale your logistics to a new level.

My suggestion: Scale your logistics to a whole another level by setting up rail networks that allow trains to deliver materials spanning long distances in order to feed your ever-growing factory.

Blueprints and Building Robots

Current: Tired of manually building another mining site? Just use a blueprint. Define what should be built, provide the material and a bunch of construction drones will build the whole thing for you.

My suggestion: By using blueprints and defining where something should be built, construction bots can be utilized to automate away the pains of building the factory manually by allowing for entire factory arrays to be automatically built for you at once.

Oil Refining

Current: There is more to the production than just minerals, this planet is rich in oil as well, and you will need it. Pump it from the depths. Break it to fractions in Oil Refineries and put it to good use in Chemical plants.

My suggestion: There is more to this planet than just ore and wood. Extract oil from the depths of the rich oil fields, crack it into useable fractions in refineries, then use them in chemical plants to craft new products for your ever-growing factory.

Energy + Nuclear Energy

I don't think nuclear energy should be its own category, and should just be merged into the "Energy" section as it's just another form of energy.

Current "Energy": So you have all these machines, but they don't run for free. You need to make enough electricity to power them up. Will you go for cheap steam, which makes tons of pollution, or for the expensive but eco friendly solar?

Current "Nuclear": Develop advanced technologies to extract and refine uranium into a cleaner and more dense energy source for your growing factory.

My suggestion: Your machines don't run for free, and they require energy to operate. You start out using steam power which is cheap and easy, but generates a ton of pollution. However, as you advance through the tech tree, you can choose to use the expensive eco-friendly options such as solar, which takes up vast acres of land but runs without any maintenance, or you can learn to extract and refine uranium to harness the power of nuclear energy.

Pollution + Defense + Fight Back

I think the "Pollution", "Defense", and "Fight Back" categories can be merged together into "Combat," as they all talk about dealing with biters.

Current "Pollution": You are not welcome on this planet. With all your smokey machines that generate plenty of waste and destroy the environment. If you make too much pollution you better prepare for the enraged natives to come after you.

Current "Defense": Defend your territory from the attacks of the enraged biters. Build walls and turrets to withstand wave and wave of angry critter.

Current "Fight Back": The best defense is a good offense right? Take the fight to the natives with a wide offering of tools to clear new ground.

My suggestion: You are not welcome on this planet. Insectlike native aliens inhabit the planet, and they do not like the pollution that your machines are generating. You will need to build turrets and walls to defend against endless hordes of angry critters or take matters into your own hands by preemptively wiping them out with a wide variety of tools to exterminate the aliens.


I would suggest adding a "Modding" section, as the game's support for mods and its modding community is a huge part of the game.

My suggestion: The game as extensive mod support and a passionate and active mod community that develops a wide variety of mods, whether it's small tweaks that improve the quality of life, simple stat changes that can alter the gameplay, overhaul mods that completely change how the entire game is played, or downright silly mods. YOU can mold the game to your playstyle and needs to be whatever you want it to be.


The "singleplayer" section is making the rocket out to be the single goal of the game when that's not true as you can keep continuing after and build megabases. I think we can keep it as is, but then hint at the fact that you can keep playing on.

Current: The main singleplayer freeplay gives a singular goal to aim towards. The task is simple, build the rocket silo and launch a rocket into space. You will need to do your best to achieve this goal. On top of that every game is a different challenge because of our procedural map generation.

My Suggestion: The main goal of the game is to climb the tech tree and keep expanding the factory until you can build a rocket silo and launch a rocket into space. You can end it there...or keep expanding your factory past then, using data gained from launching satellites to fuel better and better upgrades to your machines. The procedural map generation guarantees that you get a unique experience for each playthrough.

Map Editor

Current: The game has a built-in map editor. We used it to make all the campaign and scenario maps. It is there for you to make new content for the game. You can also attach a Lua script to the map and make a custom scenario with specific set of rules.

My suggestion: The game has a built-in map editor that we have used to make all of the campaign and scenario maps. It is available to you to make new content for the game and to make custom scenarios of your own using Lua scripts.


Current: Your task is to launch a rocket into space. You will need to research advanced technologies in order to unlock the rocket silo. Start small, work your way up with automation and don't forget to protect yourself from the natives.

My suggestion: The main mode of the game. Your task is to launch a rocket into space. You will need to research advanced technologies in order to unlock the rocket silo. Start small, work your way up with automation and don't forget to protect yourself from the natives.


I think that these changes will make the website and the game look more proper and that they will make the sentences flow more freely instead of awkward period breaks. Thanks for reading!

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