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The Forum Rules

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0. There are no fixed rules.
If you think, that a rule doesn't make sense you can discuss this. Make a new thread for that. See below (Changes).

1. The language in this forum is English.
There are those exceptions:
A) if you are not able to write English. This can be only a one-time exception.
B) you can write in two languages, the second is the translation into English.
C) in the Translation-board.
D) the Multiplayer board when searching explicitly for players in that language.

2. There is no spam allowed.
This is simply moved into the Trash Area board. We don't have yet clear rules, what's spam, but advertising in the Off-topic board about a new game similar to Factorio is welcome, advertising in the General-board about kitchens is not.

3. Size of signatures and banners

In short: Your signature should not be higher than the right navigation pane, including your avatar pic etc. A banner picture in your sig should not be bigger than 600x100 (width x height) pixels. Included links should point to something interesting, related to Factorio, see spam rules above.

4. Netiquette
See Discussion

5. Read the sticky and announcement topics for each board
Before you make a new post, please read those threads. They contain important information.

6. Making game suggestions
About 40% of all suggestion are already existing!! Before you post a new suggestion in the suggestions board, please make a search for it, the advanced search is extremely mighty. A search with Google or other search engine doesn't work well.
Read this OR be ignored!

7. Respect the copyrights
This theme is currently not completely clear, remember, this game is alpha. But in doubt ask! This is the best sign of respect. More is in general currently not needed.

The changes of this topic are documented in the discussion threads.
The rules discussion
Cool suggestion: Eatable MOUSE-pointers.
Have you used the Advanced Search today?
Need help, question? FAQ - Wiki - Forum help
I still like small signatures...


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