how do YOU manage barrels of oil?

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Re: how do YOU manage barrels of oil?

Postby OdinYggd » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:02 pm

I just use the logi bots to deal with it.

Empty Barrels:
Unload if less than 250.
Load if greater than 500.
All stations handling oil use similar numbers for empty barrels.
The refinery will produce empty barrels up to a total of 1000, which gradually fills the entire system.

Full barrels:
Oil-producing stations fill barrels up to 25k or 50k logi count. The train also brings them back to the refinery until the refinery has 50k in its network.

So at any given time I'll have several logi networks linked by rail each with up to 50k full barrels in it. Makes sure I don't run out in any sort of hurry.

The trains use reserved slots, 1 car that is half empties and half fulls. This car usually runs on a mixed goods train, but sometimes I'll put them on a plates & circuits train if a particular area has a lot of oil in it.
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Re: how do YOU manage barrels of oil?

Postby Frightning » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:28 pm

mrvn wrote:This makes me wonder: How many assembler do you need to fill a yellow/red/blue belt completely?

For Blue, you need 40 barrels/sec, so, each assembler makes 1 barrel/sec*crafting speed (which can be affected by Speed modules, no Productivity as barreling/unbarreling are not intermediate products; for good reason, otherwise, free oil would be possible). For Red it's 2/3 that, or 26.(6)... barrels/sec. for Yellow, 1/3, or 13.(3)... barrels/sec. Without modules, you would need 40/1.25=32 Assembly machine 3s (24 for Red, 12 for Yellow). By the way, the Blue belt oil rate is 40*25=1000 Crude oil/sec. (Pretty insane, isn't it?)
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Re: how do YOU manage barrels of oil?

Postby mrvn » Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:00 pm

add 10000 pump jacks to produce all that crude oil (after depletion) and 576 refineries to consume all that crude oil.
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Re: how do YOU manage barrels of oil?

Postby Slimey » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:17 pm

You only need 1 or 2 assemblers to fill the oil barrels at any given time of the oil field life span, only exception is maybe the first hours. More than that could actually slow the entire process down since the pumpjacks doesn´t pump enough oil.
1 assembler can support 250 pumpjack pumping at 0.1 oil/s. If you manage to beacon an oil field with speed modules so you get as high as 0.5 oil/s, if thats possible in vanilla, that mean 50 pumpjack for each barreling assembler.

Also, unless you have a really crappy load/unload design at your stations you would only need to filter two slots in a wagon. One for filled barrels and one for empty barrels.
That´s enough, when you unload empty barrel you make room for full barrels, and when you unload full barrels you make room for empty barrels. Doesn´t have to be more complicated than that.
Never add more empty barrels into the barreling system without any kind of limitation, that would overflow it quickly.
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Re: how do YOU manage barrels of oil?

Postby kurtulmak » Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:07 pm

Every oil loading station gets at least one crude storage tank, storage tanks are wired to an arithmetic combinator that divides the contents by 25 and allows that many empty barrels to be unloaded by a filter or stack filter inserter from the train into a crate. The train picks up fresh or recycled empties only from the station where oil is unloaded.

It's not perfectly accurate for several reasons (stack inserter bonus stuff, multiple trains can mean it gets a bit stochastic, plus the circuits don't know how much oil or how many empties are in the assemblers, at least in 0.14) but it's close enough, doesn't require excessive numbers of barrels, and it returns to the correct equilibrium to match your oil production over time if disturbed, at least if you have sufficient total empties to cover your oil throughput.

It's too bad barrels will be semi-obsolete in 0.15 because I think it's a pretty fun problem and being able to connect more stuff to circuits will make it more so.
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