How to change Factorio's save and mods directory?

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How to change Factorio's save and mods directory?

Post by Best_Pony »

I'm using Windows and I'm trying to move my Steam Factorio saves and mods to a different folder that isn't C but E.

I tried all 3 steps in the following thread and nothing worked. Factorio is still reading the Factorio folder in C without the mods I installed or creating a new one when I cut and paste it into E.

What I did:

1. I created a copy of my Factorio folder from C to E. I also tried cutting the folder but this didn't work.

2. I created config-path.cfg (this file was not present before) in both the Roaming folder and Destination folder with

Code: Select all

3. I changed config.ini in both C and E to the following

Code: Select all

; version=9
; This is INI file : 
; Semicolons (;) at the beginning of the line indicate a comment. Comment lines are ignored.
I also tried reverting read-data back to the original read-data=__PATH__system-read-data__ but this did not work.

4. I added --config=E:\Games\Factorio\config\config.ini in Steam as Factorio's launch properties

However, all these steps don't do anything. I don't want to create a symlink either since my C drive is an SSD and I don't want to keep reading it.

Any help on getting Factorio to read from E:\ instead of C?

It would really help me if someone provided an example of their config file and commands that allowed them to change the save directory!

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Re: How to change Factorio's save and mods directory?

Post by eradicator »

Not sure if this is nessecary but in my config.ini the read/write path uses "/" slash not "\" backslash (on Windows). Otherwise it's basically as you describe: Start with "--config X:\path\to\config.ini" (no "=" equals) and "--mod-directory X:\path\to\mods". And specify the read/write directories within config.ini. Also if you want to keep using your steam install then you must *not* change the read-data entry. If you don't care about steam you could also just download the standalone zip version from the main page and unpack that to E: (no installation needed).
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