1.1.27 server asking for HELP

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1.1.27 server asking for HELP

Post by Chang_Yun »

I run a factorio headless server on a docker on synology nas, everything seems allright until I tried to update to version 1.1.30,server crashed

luckily I have back-up saves, then i tried to run the save with version 1.1.27

worked on my laptop,but it crash randomly with this

Code: Select all

7607.173 Warning WriteFileGuard.cpp:56: Writing /factorio/saves/_autosave4.zip failed; previous version (if any) should still be available
7607.175 Error ParallelScenarioSaver.cpp:118: Saving scenario failed: ElectricNetworkSerialiser::getEnergySourceIndex, the energy source was not saved.
7607.176 Error Util.cpp:83: Attempting to create notice box in headless mode. Message: 'Cannot save map: ElectricNetworkSerialiser::getEnergySourceIndex, the energy source was not saved.'
7607.355 Error CrashHandler.cpp:621: Received SIGSEGV
7619.968 Warning Logger.cpp:526: Symbols.size() == 34, usedSize == 20
Factorio crashed. Generating symbolized stacktrace, please wait ...
Raw stacktrace: 0xb2ca85, 0xd760a5, 0xd76731, 0xd767e9, 0x3d7d0, 0xdb3135, 0xdb3346, 0xdb35e9, 0x778dec, 0x97be9c, 0x97bf28, 0x9fad13, 0xefff21, 0x1284672, 0x12edbb8, 0x12eeebb, 0x132deea, 0x5bd9b8, 0, 0x5cf6ae
7632.575 Warning Logger.cpp:526: Symbols.size() == 29, usedSize == 19
#0  0x0000000000d760a5 in GlobalContext::getMap() at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/GlobalContext.cpp:2048
#1  0x0000000000d76731 in CrashHandler::writeStackTrace(CrashHandler::CrashReason) at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Util/CrashHandler.cpp:188
#2  0x0000000000d767e9 in CrashHandler::commonSignalHandler(int) at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Util/CrashHandler.cpp:623
#3  0x000000000003d7d0 in CrashHandler::SignalHandler(int) at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Util/CrashHandler.cpp:638
#4  0x0000000000db3135 in ?? at ??:0
#5  0x0000000000db3346 in ElectricSubNetwork::deAllocateEnergySource(ElectricEnergySource*) at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Energy/ElectricSubNetwork.cpp:936
#6  0x0000000000db35e9 in ElectricEnergySource::deleteIfOwnedByEntity(ElectricEnergySource*) at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Energy/ElectricEnergySource.cpp:568
#7  0x0000000000778dec in EnergySource::deleteIfOwnedByEntity(EnergySource*) at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Energy/EnergySource.cpp:36
#8  0x000000000097be9c in Inserter::~Inserter() at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Entity/Inserter.cpp:240
#9  0x000000000097bf28 in Inserter::~Inserter() at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Entity/Inserter.cpp:245
#10 0x00000000009fad13 in AdvancedTile::~AdvancedTile() at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Map/AdvancedTile.cpp:83 (discriminator 1)
#11 0x0000000000efff21 in std::array<AdvancedTile, 16ul>::~array() at /home/build/gcc-9.2/include/c++/9.2.0/array:94
#12 0x0000000001284672 in std::array<std::array<AdvancedTile, 16ul>, 16ul>::~array() at /home/build/gcc-9.2/include/c++/9.2.0/array:94
#13 0x00000000012edbb8 in ChunkAdvancedTiles::~ChunkAdvancedTiles() at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Surface/ChunkAdvancedTiles.hpp:6
#14 0x00000000012eeebb in Chunk::~Chunk() at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Surface/Chunk.cpp:748
#15 0x000000000132deea in Surface::deleteAllChunks() at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Surface/Surface.cpp:1012 (discriminator 2)
#16 0x00000000005bd9b8 in Surface::~Surface() at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Surface/Surface.cpp:999
#17 (nil) in Map::~Map() at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Map/Map.cpp:1307 (discriminator 1)
#18 0x00000000005cf6ae in std::default_delete<Map>::operator()(Map*) const at /home/build/gcc-9.2/include/c++/9.2.0/bits/unique_ptr.h:81
#19 (nil) in std::unique_ptr<Map, std::default_delete<Map> >::reset(Map*) at /home/build/gcc-9.2/include/c++/9.2.0/bits/unique_ptr.h:394
#20 0x00000000005e4de0 in Scenario::~Scenario() at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Scenario/Scenario.cpp:1124
#21 0x000000000f89b3f8 in GlobalContext::clearResources() at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/GlobalContext.cpp:728 (discriminator 1)
#22 0x000000000a36ed4b in GlobalContext::~GlobalContext() at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/GlobalContext.cpp:870
#23 (nil) in CommandLineMultiplayer::hostCommandLineMultiplayerGame(cxxopts::ParseResult const&, Filesystem::Path const&, Filesystem::Path const&, bool) at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/CommandLineMultiplayer.cpp:337
#24 0x00000000005e4d4e in ~ScopedCallback at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Util/ScopedCallback.hpp:60
#25 (nil) in CommandLineMultiplayer::hostCommandLineMultiplayerGame(cxxopts::ParseResult const&, Filesystem::Path const&, Filesystem::Path const&, bool) at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/CommandLineMultiplayer.cpp:337
#26 0x000000000000006e in main at /tmp/factorio-build-W5IojQ/src/Main.cpp:653
#27 0x0000000000000016 in ?? at ??:0
#28 0x0000000004473820 in _start at ??:?
Stack trace logging done
7632.575 Error Util.cpp:97: Unexpected error occurred. If you're running the latest version of the game you can help us solve the problem by posting the contents of the log file on the Factorio forums.
Please also include the save file(s), any mods you may be using, and any steps you know of to reproduce the crash.
this save file can't run with 1.1.30,

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Re: 1.1.27 server asking for HELP

Post by Loewchen »

Post the complete log and save, see 52433.

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