[0.17.68] Server is not responding - Multiplayer Issues.

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[0.17.68] Server is not responding - Multiplayer Issues.

Post by TheGudge » Sat Sep 07, 2019 4:41 pm

Hello All,

I've been attempting to join a multiplayer Factorio server with some friends, but seem to be having the some issues.

I've attached a screenshot of what is happening, we have tried playing using normal muliplayer but also by making it a public game, others are able to join but when I try to I get the same issue over and over.

I have already uninstalled the game and reinstalled multiple times, we've made sure that we're all using the same version of the game and that no mods are installed, everything is portforwarded as normal. I have also tried other recent versions of the game (0.16.51) and others as well as disabling firewalls est.
I have launched the game directly as administorior and verfied game cache but this has not worked.

I have also attempted to join other public games, but have exactly the same issue.

I have attached my recent log (factorio-current) as well as the hosts recent log (factorio-current-server)

Any help would be greatly appeaciated. Willing to try anything at this point.

Kind Regards,
The Gudge
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Re: [0.17.68] Server is not responding - Multiplayer Issues.

Post by gabberworld » Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:16 am

Steam issue or it happens all the time? i seen steam have sometimes problems for login the online multiplayer games

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