Maximum active biters at once?

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Maximum active biters at once?

Post by Plawerth » Thu Feb 07, 2019 2:21 am

Is there a limit on the maximum number of active biters at once? If yes, is there a way to override this limit?

I have been regularly playing the current beta release on ComfyFactorio Fish Defender by MewMew, a multiplayer scenario softmod that works with the unmodded game client. Hundreds of biters are spawned in hundreds of waves, and there is an endless onslaught with players trying to fend them off.

Except there is a problem where several hundred of the biters seem to get confused and just stop moving towards the front line. If the unit groups are turned on, the circle itself will move towards the front line, but the biters remain motionless and don't follow it.

The game is unfortunately being spoiled because the masses of biters seem to give up trying to attack, and just stand around doing nothing. Weirdly the biters closer to the players seem to freeze completely, and biters further away will move around but are blocked by the closer frozen biters.

To see what I'm talking about, just go on Multiplayer with the beta client and look for Fish Defender games in progress.


I am not a LUA programmer though I understand the general game logic. I don't see any LUA that would apparently contain the tick updater and its per-tick entity update limit parameters. Is that hidden away inside the C++ executable?

I see "max_pursue_distance = 50," and "vision_distance = 30," for each biter type in entity\enemies.lua .. Is there some way to override these limits via the console command line, to see if that fixes the problem?

I'd like to know what happens if we increase these settings for all biters, to see if they will path further without freezing up, if the vision_distance is 1000 and the max_pursue_distance is 1000 ...

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Re: Maximum active biters at once?

Post by Light » Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:02 am

As someone who enjoys playing very biter intensive maps, I used to observe the behavior of biters getting stuck constantly. What I might suggest if mods aren't an issue for you, is to try the Rampant AI mod which tweaks their behaviors. Ever since I've used that mod, I've always been attacked properly by hundreds of biters in a single wave without them locking up.

With any luck it will provide the answers to your problem.

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