[1.1.76] Random crash while tabbed out of game

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[1.1.76] Random crash while tabbed out of game

Post by RubiksImplosion »

1. I was tabbed out of Factorio working on something else while connected to a modded game hosted by another player.
2. I had been connected to the game for several hours when suddenly the game popped up an new window stating the game had crashed.
3. I expected Factorio to not unexpectedly crash
4. This is the first time this has happened
5. I have no idea what caused this or how to reproduce it

My friend's game did not crash, only my game crashed.
Sorry I don't have more information, but this is highly unusual and thought you guys might want to see it.
The attached map file is from just after I rejoined the game after launching Factorio again.
(45.63 MiB) Downloaded 33 times
(1.25 MiB) Downloaded 37 times

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Re: [1.1.76] Random crash while tabbed out of game

Post by Loewchen »

Looks like a system stability issue.

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