Ingame update download slow

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Ingame update download slow

Postby jackd23 » Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:04 pm


I couldn't find anything from a quick search on the forums and google, results were mostly related to multiplayer map download speed 3 or so major versions ago.

Ever since I started poking my head into the non-steam experimental versions to keep things separate, starting at 0.15.0, I've noticed that the in-game updates download is crawling along at about 50 kb/s every single time. I haven't seen an update that was any faster.

Today I considered a new modded map, I still kept it separate from the vanilla Steam version, but I had to update from 0.15.31 to 0.15.34. And again the update download in-game was horrendously slow. After 10 or so minutes, I ended up downloading the full game from the website in under 2 minutes.

Why is it so slow from within the game, do you intend to fix it, and what can I do to help if necessary?

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(Oh well, can't connected to the mod portal either right now..>)
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