[1.1.69] Circuit network is temporarily disabled when changing chest

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[1.1.69] Circuit network is temporarily disabled when changing chest

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Just noticed this is on 1.0.0 as wel. So it maybe just by design

Don't really know if this is an actual bug and tried to search a little to see if somebody else has already posted it.
When an inserter is connected to a chest using the circuit network and you set the maximum amounts of items that the inserter can insert.
If you upgrade the chest from wood to iron for example, the inserter adds an item once and then stops. But this means the condition is actual "wrong".

It looks like when upgrading/changing a chest the circuit condition is temporarily disabled and then added again. Enough time for the inserter to add an additional item.

I have added a save game.
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Just change the chest on the left with a different type and the inserter runs once.

I would expect the inserter to continue to keep respecting the circuit network condition even if an chest is upgraded.

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Re: [1.1.69] Circuit network is temporarily disabled when changing chest

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Thanks for the report however I don't believe we have any intention of changing this behavior.

The act of fast-replacing a chest is: half-create the new chest, transfer inventory contents and settings from the old chest, mine the old chest, finish creating the new chest.

As a result, the mining of the old chest wakes up the inserter that was pointed at the chest and the next time the inserter updates it runs through it's logic until it finishes the normal inserter cycle and goes back to the disabled state.
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