Minimal Server Latency of 6 ticks

We are aware of them, but they have low priority. We have more important things to do. They go here in order not to take space in the main bug thread list.
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Minimal Server Latency of 6 ticks

Post by Eximius » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:00 am


Seems that while the game efficiently uses udp connections, the latency of games is still ridiculously high, probably due to a semantic error.

This is not an isolated case: ... r_latency/

I believe this should be a priority since it affected and continues to affect _all_ multiplayer games to a high degree of annoyance.

Whenever playing on LAN with a friend, we had notoriously high latency ~10 ticks (as measured by multiplayer statistics). At some point, we did switch to ad-hoc, because routers are shit, so we were running on effectively few-hundred-micro-second latency. The best latency we could get in-game was ~7 ticks (120ms~?).

I ran two instances of the game on my computer and connected them to each other in multiplayer. The lowest latency was still ~6 ticks. On loopback. Literally ~80us packet latency at worst. Limiting the FPS/UPS to 18, the latency was still 6 ticks.

Version 0.17.47, linux x64 on Archlinux

I would not believe this is by design, as not only does it make the game severely handicapped for connected lan friends (not even talking about multiplayer), the game is built to only send required synchronization data (on largest games, only on the order of ~10KB/s).

In the unlikely event this is by design, would it be too much to ask to add a 'you are on your own' flag for "no packet delay"?

Hope this can be resolved soon.

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Re: Minimal Server Latency of 6 ticks

Post by kovarex » Tue Jun 11, 2019 11:09 am

There will be always some minimal latency, to minimize the amount of packets, packets are send every two ticks and the packets have to go from client to server and then back. It could be lowered a bit, and we could probably provide an option to send packets every tick, but solving this isn't a big priority now, as we have the latency hiding and other problems.

One day, we might try to look at that.

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