Friday Facts #145 - 0.13 experimental is out

Regular reports on Factorio development.
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Re: Friday Facts #145 - 0.13 experimental is out

Post by kiba » Wed Jul 06, 2016 3:07 pm

nours77 wrote:hello team factorio, i was waiting for the 0.13 but where is the ship... You turn around, editing what exist again and again... few add than a map menu, the train color, skins but all was old... where is the end you was talk about, disappeared in the meander of steam money ? you want more development time ?

So, for you lan problèm, resently i play a game, fight the dragon and in this game file there is a little soft, a little dedicaced server which manages the player transfer player to player, and the player hosting launch the game and connect itself on this server with server ip. In this way is use ram of pc but don t slowing fatorio itself, i think. I was already talk of it, you don t choose a good way, then what you do that inform, you never listen anythings, then ask for feedback is hypocrisy, you will not listen it (except cosmetic details, play factorio, the sims 4 the plant, Look my nice belt or i want my factory in pink !).

So then team factorio, it was a nice game, but i already play enought, i will go for some thing new, and sorry i will not come back again.
Then bye, if you do another game, see you.
What in the world???

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Re: Friday Facts #145 - 0.13 experimental is out

Post by MrGrim » Wed Jul 06, 2016 3:36 pm

taggedjc wrote:
... Pirating the game hurts us less than using these sites.
You mean than using other sites.

Using these sites (the sites that are reliable sources that you specifically mentioned in the previous sentence) isn't going to hurt you more than pirating!
Yes, that is what they said... agreed the pronoun is technically ambiguous but the context makes it pretty clear.

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Re: Friday Facts #145 - 0.13 experimental is out

Post by taggedjc » Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:51 pm

"These sites" can only refer to sites that were previously mentioned. The only sites mentioned in the same paragraph are the trusted sites. It is a grammar mistake to use it to refer to the "good deals" sites mentioned in the bullet points far above, since that antecedent is much, much too far away to be referenced when there are two mentions of sites in the two sentences just before the pronoun usage.

So they either need to change it to say "not using these sites", or they need to change "these sites" to "those other sites" in order to say what they mean to say. Otherwise if people only skim down and read the last paragraph as a summary, they'll see "pirating hurts us less than using Steam / GoG / Humble" and they might avoid actually buying it legitimately...

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