Tank PVP Scenario (for 1.0)

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Tank PVP Scenario (for 1.0)

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github : https://github.com/x2605/factorio-tank-pvp/releases

I made a scenario (non-modded) which encourages to drive vehicles and hunt eachother.

Map description :
- You will get a tank once you join the map, eject character from vehicles not possible.
- If vehicle get killed, you will die.
- In FreeForAll mode, periodically supply boxes appears here and there, you have to break them to get contents.
- Some neutral vehicles also can appear, works same as supply boxes. Break them to get them.
- Number of supply boxes appear at once is number of players playing on FreeForAll.
- Of course, spider also appears.(low chance)
- Breaking supply boxes can spawn biters.
- Placing vehicles to switch to that vehicle and abandon your old vehicle.
- In FreeForAll mode, you can see checkbox at left-top of screen to decide to join team deathmatch.
- FFA(FreeForAll) map's region limiter expands with count of players online, at least 30 players for maximum size.
- Team deathmatch begins if at least 4 people agreed to join team match.
- In Team deathmatch mode, teammate can't respawn. There is no random supply boxes for now.
- To win Team deathmatch, eleminate opponent or capture opponent's colored concrete region.
- Friendly fire is off.
- FreeForAll player limit is 59, due to limit of forces. But Team game limit is 32768 : 32767, in theory i guess.
- If FreeForAll player count exceeds 59, others have to spectate until someone die while playing FFA.
- Team game map is automatically randomly regenerated each team game begins, and map size is according to player count joining team game.

For server owners who want host this map :
- After 30 hours in game time after logout of each player, player data will be deleted.(Can be adjusted)
- Turning off auto-pause is recommended. Of course, it's not necessary.
- Every 6 hours in game time interval, FreeForAll map automatically resets.
- Use /config set allow-debug-settings false command after starting server, it's basic of pvp map to prevent cheating.
- No need to manage or ban players, because there is no rule, no personal creations to protect. People can use command to ignore eachother's chat if needed.
- I'm aiming to make this map not needs to be handled anymore once started.
- Periodical saving is not needed, I think. Nothing to lost. (Except few players driving spiders and having fun with slaughtering, By the way, slaughtering is almost not possible.)

I want to see more people's feedback or other developer who can improve this. There is not much players in my country.
Unfortunately, I had to wrote comments in source code in my language. Because I have no coworker in outside of my country for now.

Any crash report is welcome. If you get crash, attach error message part of your log please. Thanks.
English is not my native language. Sorry for bad English.
My mods :
Lua API global Variable Viewer (mod portal)
Lua API Event Trace (mod portal)
My tools :
Locale String Editor (github.io webapp)

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