Abandoned Labolatory 3 - Day 8

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Abandoned Labolatory 3 - Day 8

Post by PanTobi »

Hello ^_^
Here is my Little update for Abandoned Labolatory 3

Here you can watch "Short gameplay = 1" ^_^

Here you can download Scenario:
Abandoned Labolatory 3.rar
(741.67 KiB) Downloaded 406 times

What is new?
+ Markets for Trade
* Sell Circuits ( Green for one Coin, Red for 5 Coins and Blue for 10 Coins )
* Buy amazing stuff in other labolatories
- in the future You can also buy upgrades for labolatories and expand them :)
- i'm thinking about Money generators in "War" Zones :)

+ Power Supply Control Rooms
* Each Labolatory have own Power Room, by default Power is cut, if You want to have free energy in Your Labolatory -> turn it ON :D
- in the future some labs ( for example Nuclear New Age Company Lab ) will have free energy production You can design ( infinite Heat Source etc. )

+ More Rooms and more decorations :)
* Just look at ground ^_^ There is way more decorations :)

What im doing now?
-> Working on Level Design and Decorations
-> Working on Money Generators
-> Working on MALL SHOP
-> Working on new Labolatory

About Labolatories
You start Your game in first easiest labolatory, but there will be more labolatories :)
Each labolatory belong to other Company, some of them may be Enemy to You, some of them are Friendly to You

Here is list:
If You enter Enemy Faction Labolatories they will attack You, get ready for fight
If You enter Friend Faction Labolatories they will send You Supply
All Factions

Tell me what You think about Map ^_^
What You want to see etc.


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Re: Abandoned Labolatory 3 - Day 8

Post by lilstrip »

Really love where this is going! Keep it up!

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Re: Abandoned Labolatory 3 - Day 8

Post by rph »

Nice! Really like the progress!

Here some feedback:
- I had trouble finding the right door codes: I found some codes in the lab and tried them, but could not find out the number, some more clues would be nice
- The riddle for the doors with the chest rooms was nice! you should work more with hints and clues here
- I dislike the fact, that as soon as you get some assembly machines you could produce a ton of stuff, I would like to have more of the key components exclusivly produced by locked assembly machines. Maybe you could disable user-assembly machines completly and keep on as you did it with the gears/red lab/green lab area
- Why not make some missions to solve? Like you first need to bring water to the generators and for that you need to find pipes across the lab. As soon as you have the water, you need to switch on a coal supply belt that is locked behind a wall,... and so on
- I like the thing about collecting wood across the lab to build poles and then connect areas, this might a level designing tool to limit the users-ability to switch on the whole lab immediatly (by limiting the accessible wood in unlocked areas)
For the development and Replay-Value, you should maybe focus on certain areas and lock areas that are not ready.

Keep it up!! I look forward for the next version! (please add version codes for the map somewhere ;))

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