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Factorio LandBlock

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Welcome to Factorio Landblock! It's a small world ain't it!

Claim your space on this heavily populated chunk of land, but watch out! The locals evolve at double speed, and have fierce guards the further you push into their territory! Survived the beginning? Good! Now use your engineering skills and try to fit a fully working factory on a postmark stamp!

Landblock start.png
Landblock start.png (2.72 MiB) Viewed 789 times

Full 25h playthrough Timelapse (+ map download): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em8wJXjrtPc

It started off as a way to even out the play:edit ratio a little more (my weekly video takes 5-10x more time to edit than to play), but alas, I failed here too. I took the opportunity to learn some new stuff like "what the hell are keyframes", "I really should use a better video editor", and "Hofstadters Law".

Map settings:
- Evolution progresses at 2x normal speed (all evolution factors doubled)
- Naturally generated map (with tweaked settings, size 8x8 chunks), added medium/big/behemoth worms to prevent early-game steamrolling, added a bunch of nests (top left) and hidden sniper worms/coal rocks (bottom right), added uranium ore to increase gameplay options.
- Download Landblock: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/axiobgdjqp3r ... 7frqa?dl=0

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