Custom Tight Spot Campaign Challenge

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Custom Tight Spot Campaign Challenge

Post by BoomCaller »

Back to Tight Spot
So 0.18 comes out, and while I'm waiting for Bob's mods and other mods to be updated to compatibility again, I decided to go back to the Tight Spot Campaign to get my spaghetti in. I had completed it before back in 0.14, so I knew what I was getting into, but with changes to oil and other recipes I wanted to experience it again. I played through the 5 levels on hard and completed them all in under a couple hours, but I didn't feel satisfied.

Level 5 stops at Blue/Chemical Science Packs, and I completed it on my first try with a minimalist setup (don't have it because I forgot to grab a blueprint). I had about 1 factory for each product/intermediate and only a handful of furnaces scattered around for a final score of ~50k extra points.

I felt that there should be more to Tight Spot, since the tech tree doesn't stop at Blue/Chemical Science Packs, so I dug around in the code and modified Level 5 to go to Yellow/Utility Science Packs instead (with the appropriate intermediates).
Custom Level
The level file is linked below for those interested to try it.
Unzip it, then place the level-05 folder in DriveLetter:\YourFactorioFolder\data\base\campaigns\tight-spot
Playing this requires completing Level 4.
This will overwrite the base game's level-05! Make a backup copy first! ... sp=sharing
My Solution
No planning here. Spaghetti all the way, for over 3 hours.
Completes with about 5336 extra points +- 4500 (1 output of 3 Yellow/Utility Science Packs) due to sulfuric acid/petroleum gas behavior.

Final Setup:


Final Score:
Things I've Noticed
  • This was a great exercise in spaghetti and problem-solving.
  • Factorio doesn't allow more than 5 levels in Tight Spot. If this folder is named "level-06" and all inside files changed, completing Level 5 kicks you back to the main menu without a chance to continue. It also doesn't allow for selection of Level 6 from the main menu, regardless of any completion status of Level 5.
  • I found no way to customize the map used in the scenario. I was originally going to do this with Purple/Production Science Packs, but the map has no stone to use.
  • More levels please! :D I know you devs are hard at work preparing for 1.0 and have a large focus on the actual campaign, but if this is a small amount of work or possibly a post-1.0 goal, I would greatly appreciate it.
  • Alternately, a custom level designer. Features would ideally include map design, production goals, and available materials to build with, similar to the way the config.lua file does it but in-game.
  • If you are interested in expanding the gameplay in Tight Spot, I suggest adding technologies. For example, the player could research Automation 3 for 10k coins to allow them to buy those from the market, or they could just work with Automation 1 factories but have 10k more. Inserter stack size was an issue in the Yellow/Utility Science scenario, so that is a possibility as well.
  • Another concept is land expansion. The player could purchase, say, a chunk (32x32) for 10k. It would have ore, trees, water, and walls, just like a regular part of Tight Spot, and would allow for more player decision-making and strategy as to whether the land is worth it.
Whether this is supported by devs, by mods, or by the players themselves, Tight Spot provides unique puzzle-solving, adding another dimension to Factorio gameplay. I fully support any expansion made to Tight Spot.

I will attempt to take the Level 5 map in the next couple days and make a satellite on in 15 minutes, just to see if it is doable. :D

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Re: Custom Tight Spot Campaign Challenge

Post by war877 »

Recently decided to try adding to tight spot as well. You actually can add more than five levels. At the end of the control.lua file is a text section where you need to put in the folder name of the next level to unlock it.

You can customise the map in the scenario by importing the map in the map editor. You need to delete a file it generates called script.dat that only causes problems. Then, after editing the map, you paste it back into the campaign folder.

If I decide to finish it, I will post an expansion on this forum.

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