Ship, Wrecked.. my Factorio map

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Ship, Wrecked.. my Factorio map

Post by Bobisme »

It's an ugly planet, a Bug planet! A planet hostile to life as we know- Starship Troopers

You're surounded, crash landed on a hostile planet deep in biter territory, fight off swarms of biters as you try to take a foot hold in this dangerous world, can you escape? can you survive..?

I consider my self a veteran map maker and i'd like to think this will be one of the best you'll play. It is my first attempt at a factorio map, i think you'll find the level definitely has an old C&C feel. There are no mods added or anything, just plain ol' up to date vanilla, there's some choke points defended by biters, stopping progression until advancement. not overwhelmingly so though.. the flora isn't hap hazard, its ah, maticuliously placed lol, love creating maps and this editor has some cool features. feel free to critique my map.

I was going to keep pushing more land but was running out of 'themes' for each area so to speak and didn't want to slap land down without continueing the style.. If i get alot of 'likes' i may consider another map, this one took me about ..5 days give or take

You crash land on a small island connected by sand bars with limited resources and a biter nest already at your heels. Hold off the forces as you slowly push deeeper into the islands areas..

Tell em what they've won!! .. It's a new car!
You weren't the only one to have crashed here, someone else crashed, tried and died, reminants of a small outpost remain aswell as an untouched vehicle all be it with an empty gas tank. his rotting corpse lays near, with a few resources on his person.. if he hasn't completely rotted away by the time you get there that is..

Image20191224202013_1 by Bob Isme, on Flickr

This map is no run and gun, you're not dropped in a flat world with resources everywhere with time to set up everything and fend of attacks, if you want resources you have to push for them and hold them. That being said, due to that fact there will come a point where no more biters will exist.

Image20191224201833_1 by Bob Isme, on Flickr

TIPS: go fish.. Build ammo! Push for better weapons drop key turrets and get some ammo automation going, the starting areas have very limited resources, use them wisely, move them if you have to.. hold onto that car :P

Image20191224202051_1 by Bob Isme, on Flickr

P.S: i could post more pics, but i don' wanna :P it's all about the exploration! :)

copy and paste into your factorio scenarios folder and enjoy, i hope you like it :)

EDIT: while all due care was taken to ensure smooth travel across the shallow water i may have missed a dot or two and i hope it doesn't interrupt your game, i didn't know how to show impassible terrain so couldn't tell bar trial and error, i am sure if there is only one spot, you'll hit it lol.. ... 8I0ja?dl=0

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