Decu scenario?

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Decu scenario?

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Hello, there is a variant of diggy called ''decu'', I once joined this game on multiplayer, downloaded the map automatically and that's what it's called. I can't find on google any official website or such so I'm posting here to find out more details.

The map itself in short... you spawn on ''surface'', in a barren desert with almost no resources and tons of aliens around. You have an elevator to go underground where it's constantly dark and you can dig rocks to get various ore resources. You also level up as you dig. Monsters spawn in the darkness.

My problem is that in order to transfer power from the ''surface'' layer to the ''underground'' layer, the map maker put a 10 GJ accumulator that transfers energy underground in a strange way. But there is no way for me to upgrade this. So solar pannels seem to have a limit... I'm at around 200 MW and during night time, considering there is a 6 minute day/night cycle, I have about 1-2 minutes of darkness. The horrible thing is that if I am in darkness for longer than 5ish seconds underground, several strong monsters will spawn. That means ANYWHERE underground, even if it's the middle of my base. I die and they destroy everthing around them. Laser turrets don't work because there is no electricity, and minigun turrets are not viable because they're too weak, and require literally hundreds (or even thousands) to be placed around to fight colossal monsters that spawn. And none of them can kill colossal worms due to range.

One solution is to use cheats to have permanent daylight, for solar panels. I could use some extremely obsolete nuclear reactors or boilers but... I'm completely surrounded by colossal creatures overground and I am still 1-3 hours away from having adequate equipment to fight them. Accumulators do work overground at least, to defend with laser turrets. But once I make any polution, I will get attacked by endless waves. Until then, I'd have to overhaul my building process to lower power consumption and end up in darkness.

What do you think?

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