[0.17] scenario team production

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[0.17] scenario team production

Post by XaLpHa89 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 3:20 pm

I like the principle behind the map, only I miss a few management options. At the beginning there should only be one basis, the name is finally "Team Production". If a player in the lobby decides he wants his own base, he can choose that before a round. Then there should be a standby query that determines if the round can begin. After a round, everyone starts back in the lobby, where they can choose to stay in the group or continue on their own. The times for lap end (1:30) and lap start (1:00) are clearly too long.

In the second screenshot, the scenario Minigame is displayed, it has the similar character, with the request boxes raw materials can be requested, which are then sent back processed, whereby an increase in value takes place.
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