Jail Break scenario

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Jail Break scenario

Post by FerrariMAF » Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:42 pm


Welcome to the Jail Break scenario. Your company, Mining Space Industries, sent you with a team of scientists to study the behavior of cats on the planet Kepler-117. It was going well until the aliens became aggressive and determined to feed on your cats. You can not allow this.

Defend your base from aliens' attacks. If someone on your team or a cat is captured, do everything to free him from prison before the enemy feed on it and gets strong.

When the enemy attack starts, kill all the aliens on the map. Sometimes there will be hive infestation. Destroy the nests by advancing to the enemy area. Once the infestation is eliminated, the team will earn reward on items.

You can withdraw money from the team to buy items on the market, and sell items on the green chest. There is also the *Replicator Chest*, new technology at your disposal: items placed in the Blue chest will be duplicated and sent to the red trunk, consuming the team money.

-- This is a wave defense like scenario


This is a stand alone scenario. You may play vanilla. But I strongly suggest you to playe with these mods:

"Cats" - You will have to protect and rescue cute cats. The scenario have special behavior for them. Important NOTE: You have to enter mod settings
to disable "Replace Biters", or it will not work here.

"RPG System". Each round survived here gives XP to the survivors.

Also, to add more challenge, consider using the Explosive-Biters mod

If any other mods adds enemies prototypes, they will also be used here.

VERY IMPORTANT! Please, after after loading this scenario for the first time, click Restart on the game menu.

Download is attached to this post

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