Forgotten Factory - HARD -

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Forgotten Factory - HARD -

Post by terabeastx »

You are alone all but a few large biter colonies , They are weak and don't seem to attack unless provoked ( peaceful mode)
Resources are hard to come by but you have found a small haven ( infinite nodes, size very small , low frequency , ample base resources at starting zone)
Research seems a distance dream and one which is going to hurt if not orginized (research multiplier x100, everything expensive )
All you have is a small abandoned factory to call home but its out of action and the impeeding reality of your own finite motality looms over you ( few starting buildings to avoid hand crafting 1000 red science packs)


This is my first map its for those who are looking for a long interesting game. I love factorio and enjoying this simple custom map + mudpack combo.

Hint - I would strongly recommend reaching treehouse very early on as wood required for transport belts , there is a few in a chest but your going to hit major problems with the lack of wood on the map without a greenhouse.

Please been kind my first ever post, attached isn't for everyone but I'm enjoying myself

You will need the following mods ,

Angels Ores
Angels Petrochem
Angels Refining
Angels Smelting
Bobs Assembly
Bobs Electronics
Bobs Enemies
Bobs Green house
Bobs Inserters
Bobs Library
Bobs Logistics
Bobs Mining
Bobs Ores
Bobs Plates
Bobs Power
Bobs Revamp
Bobs Tech
Bobs Vehicle Equipment
Bobs Warfare
Infinite Resources
RSO mod
Rubber Belts
Shiny Bob GFX
Shiny Icons
WaiTex Full
Wormmus Infinate Tech
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Re: Forgotten Factory - HARD -

Post by hobbitmax999 »

hmm ok maybe make a easyer? mode but biters are stronger there

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