Difficult rail scenarios through enemy badlands

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Difficult rail scenarios through enemy badlands

Postby Tiggy » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:33 pm

I really like the training scenario and was disappointed that it didn't go on a whole lot longer, but my favourite was the rail mission, and was wondering if there was any chance of any similar fan made rail missions? I really want one with limited started resources and numerous separate mining bases in defensive positions from which you have to build railways out over the badlands to collect resources for a set goal. I basically just want to be importing resources at range while building to a goal, and constantly fighting off alien hordes; but I don't want it to be timed or a randomised map as I quickly get bored and frustrated with those. Can anyone help? :D If possible I'd like a whole new scenario, but I'm struggling to find even one fan made mission for Factorio that isn't just a string.
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