[0.16] Frontier

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[0.16] Frontier

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Frontier - Multiplayer-enhancing vanilla scenario

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The world has two parts: west and east, divided by a measly stone wall. The west half of the world has been colonized, there are no biters at all. However, resources are getting low. To the east there are very rich resource deposits, increasing in richness the further east you go, however there is a massive infestation of biters, right up to the wall, seeking to chew up anyone who dares to pollute their hives. One mile out into biter territory there is an ancient and indestructible rocket silo, and it is the only rocket silo on the map since in this scenario rocket silos are not craftable. The end goal is to fight your way through the biters to the silo, then supply that silo with power and rocket components and launch a satellite.

This scenario aims to increase the variety of tasks available in multiplayer by making a large rail network feasible early-game and coordinating pushes through heavy biter territory late-game. This gives players more opportunities to be productive, especially when the game has already progressed a lot, and it gives players motivation to work towards a clearly visible goal, rewarding cooperation to a greater extent.

Installation instructions:

Only the player who initially creates the map needs to have the scenario installed. The scenario is saved inside the map save, so it will automatically be passed to any other players playing on that map. In particular joining a multiplayer game will automatically install the scenario on your computer!

Unzip this folder, and in your Factorio userdata folder (the one you can find the saves in too), open or create a folder called "scenarios" into which you can put the unzipped folder. If you're unsure whether you did it right, try creating a map in the map editor and saving it, it should land in the same place as the frontier folder.

To start a game using this scenario, just start a new game, but instead of "New game", press "Custom scenario" and select this scenario. There is no fixed terrain, every new game will generate its own terrain and resources. The recommended worldgen settings are: Medium-size ore patches with regular or low frequency, regular oil fields, very large and very high frequency biters, and a very small starting area.

Download is attached to this post


Can I play this in singleplayer?
Yes, absolutely. But since the ore patches are not very rich, and the richness setting is ignored, you should lower the frequency and/or increase the size of ore patches in the worldgen settings unless you want to spend a lot of your time building and moving your mining outposts.

Does this work with mods?
Almost all of them. However if mods add ores it is not guaranteed that the ore distribution is balanced.
There is also some incompatibility with mods that change worldgen. RSO for example should not be used with this scenario.

Update history:

- Disabled biter expansion by default
- Updated to Factorio 0.16
- Adjusted ore and oil frequencies
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Re: [0.14] Frontier

Post by bigyihsuan »

One request: A "How the West Was Won" alternative with a biter-filled west instead of east.

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Re: [0.14] Frontier

Post by sikian »

bigyihsuan wrote:One request: A "How the West Was Won" alternative with a biter-filled west instead of east.
Such an US-centric request...
But it would so fitting nonetheless. A technologically superior alien destroying forests and natives on its path.

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Re: [0.14] Frontier

Post by Ratzap »

One question the OP doesn't seem to answer, do the clients connecting need the scenario files as well or just the server?

We'll soon find out but for others it might be worth noting in the instructions.

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Re: [0.14] Frontier

Post by Atzetique »

Ratzap wrote:OP doesn't seem to answer, do the clients connecting need the scenario files as well or just the server?
just the server

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Re: [0.16] Frontier

Post by alexander_q »

Is this scenario broken? I have the wall (though I can't mine it, which seems fair), but even on death-world settings there are hardly any biters beyond the wall

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