[0.14.7] Roleplay the Feeplay

Place to share custom user maps, scenarios and campaigns.
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[0.14.7] Roleplay the Feeplay

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You are waking up slowly, your head aches terribly and you are still strapped firmly into the pilot's seat - or what is left of it. The smoking debris from your ship is all around you. With effort you extricate yourself from the seat and step out of the wreck. Still badly shaken but otherwise unharmed you begin to realize that you are now alone on another planet with no ship to bring you home. You start to wonder what to do but something odd catches your eye. An alien corpse hit by a ship debris lies nearby. You are not alone here after all...

- Custom wreck at the start location
- Custom greeting text for greater immersion
- No starting items (you have to loot the wreck)
- All resources in the start location neatly positioned and in relative abundance
- A little detail to keep you on edge right from the start :-)

Detailed description
I have liked the atmosphere the campaign created when I first played Factorio. Soon I switched to freeplay and found it rather "dry" story-wise. Also I was unable to find the map I truly liked when generating one over and over. And then I found a map I found really nice - randomly generated in the editor. So I combined both needs I had into this scenario. Added a little roleplay element, polished slightly the starting area and here it is.

Generated with all resources (but water and aliens) set to "very low-very big-very good" because I tried ResourceOverhaul idea but did not want to use it. Plus roleaplaying wise I think that it makes more sense to stick mostly around the starting area (but there is nothing enforcing it in the scenario). It turned out it generated almost exactly the right place. All resources including oil are very near the start in good size and quality and not covered in trees or in weird shapes/overlaps etc. Water nearby, the location is encircled by (not that deep) forests from three sides (and water from the fourth) giving a natural frontier and quite reasonable space to build the initial factory.

Enjoy and feedback is welcome! :-)
RP Freeplay.zip
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Re: [0.14.7] Roleplay the Feeplay

Post by luc »

Sounds nice for new players. I was browsing the forums looking for some advanced scenarios so I won't try it, but I just wanted to say (since nobody else replied yet) that it sounds like a nice introduction to the game!

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