New tight spot expansion

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New tight spot expansion

Post by war877 »

As a person who likes tight spot almost as much as freeplay, I decided to add seven levels to the campaign, including a bonus level.

To use extract the contents of this zip file into the <factorio root>/data/base/campaigns/tight-spot folder. If you are playing on steam, this will be in your SteamLibrary/steamapps/common folder.

Next, you will need to replay level 5 from a new game, to unlock level 6. You may find it slightly harder than it used to be.

Installation overwrites a few files from the original campaign. Including localisation files for the campaign.

Known issues:
-Wires cannot be refunded. To mitigate this, the price of wires has been reduced.
-If time passes too slowly at x64, you can speed it up by opening the map.
-Sulfuric acid mining rigs sometimes forget that they are sulfuric acid in the upper left of ore patches.
-Untested features in the bonus level.

All levels are beatable, probably.
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