[1.1.33] Graphical glitch - Biter nests

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[1.1.33] Graphical glitch - Biter nests

Post by Filter62 »

1. I was on my base, then decided to go kill some annoying biters.

2. When I'm arrived to the nests, they were looking like that, blue glitch disco.

3. I expected nests to look normal.

Happened to me out of nowhere, dunno why it happened or how to get it, restarting game seems to have fixed it, but thought I'll let you know, just in case. It was always fine before.
(Nvidia GeForce GTX1050ti 4gb - Windows 7)
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Re: [1.1.33] Graphical glitch - Biter nests

Post by posila »

Thanks for the report.
Textures in VRAM must have gotten corrupted due to unknown cause

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