[MOD WIP 0.6.1] higcontrast

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[MOD WIP 0.6.1] higcontrast

Post by cube » Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:43 pm

So... two days ago I read the todays post wanting simple high contrast graphics back, and while my time machine is recharging, I started doing a mod for that.

You can see it here:
Readme wrote:This mod overrides some of the graphics from Factorio base mod with simple 2D boxes.

All of the graphics is generated, based on icons for the entities in base mod.
To regenerate it run `./generate.lua <path_to_factorio_data_directory>`.
Denpends on lua-gd for graphics generation.

Currently, this is only a little more then an idea and it needs a lot of work.
Also the code is not as nice as it should be. This is my first lua program and I'm
still getting the hang of the language :)
If you want to change anything, please make a pull request, I'll be happy to merge it.
Edit: The simplest way to try it out is to download a zip file from github ( https://github.com/bluecube/factorio-hi ... master.zip ), unzip it into the mods directory and rename the top-level directory from "factorio-highcontrast-master" to "highcontrast".
I have no idea what I'm talking about.

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