[Twinsen] [0.17.74] undo on selflooped combinator-ghosts vanishes wires

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[Twinsen] [0.17.74] undo on selflooped combinator-ghosts vanishes wires

Post by Calibretto22 »

Gameversion 0.17.74, Vanilla

- place a ghost of a arithmetic- or decider-combinator that has a wire from its own input to its output (like a clock)
- do not build the ghost / do not place the combinator
- delete the combinator-ghost
- press undo to restore the deleted combinator

Bug: the wire that had been between input & output of the combinator has vanished

Expectation: undo should restore the identical entity and its wires.

- does not happen when a built combinator ist restored buy undo. the bug only applies to restored ghosts.
- does not concern wires that are connected to other (ghost)-entities. only self-looped wires are affected.

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Re: [0.17.74] undo on selflooped combinator-ghosts vanishes wires

Post by Blacky007 »

can confirm it with the BP
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Re: [0.17.74] undo on selflooped combinator-ghosts vanishes wires

Post by TruePikachu »

I believe this is a duplicate, but I'd have to find the thread to be sure.

EDIT: Not technically a dupe, but another missed case related to 68191 and 66419 (both considered resolved).

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Re: [Twinsen] [0.17.74] undo on selflooped combinator-ghosts vanishes wires

Post by Twinsen »

Fixed in Version: 0.18.2.
Thanks for the detailed report.

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