[0.17.9] Crash in d3d and while saving

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Manual Inserter
Manual Inserter
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[0.17.9] Crash in d3d and while saving

Post by tomesch »

I got a crash three times now, so it seems kind of reproducable.

It occurs after fleeing from the first tutorial location.

After loading the game (see attached autosave) I did two things:
  • I looted three wrecks (south at the water, north and east)
  • I placed the offshore pump about where it can be seen in the screenshot
I am not sure when the crash happened the first time exactly, it may have happened when placing the pump.

The second and third time happened when...
  • ... I placed a boiler near the pump
  • ... I saved the game to give a starting point nearer to the crash (that save got through and is attached)
Save that triggered(?) crash
(2.74 MiB) Downloaded 3 times
Save I started from and got the crash three times
(2.26 MiB) Downloaded 4 times
Log from crash after placing boiler
(14.52 KiB) Downloaded 12 times
Log from crash after saving
(12.03 KiB) Downloaded 12 times
Screenshot after crash from saving
Screenshot after crash from saving
2019-03-10_18-57-06.png (5.39 MiB) Viewed 197 times

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Re: [0.17.9] Crash in d3d and while saving

Post by Twinsen »

These crashes and saves are really strange. The saves are both corrupt.
You sure your pc is ok? Try stress testing it with other games.

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