support for buffer_capacity on assemblers

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support for buffer_capacity on assemblers

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i think assemblers currently ignore the buffer_capacity value from electric energy_source values.

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It can be seen by setting entity.energy_source =
      type = "electric",
      usage_priority = "secondary-input",
      input_flow_limit = "0kW", --just an example, has no influence on buffer_capacity either
      buffer_capacity = "750MJ",
and comparing it at runtime with entity.prototype.electric_energy_source_prototype.buffer_capacity, which remains unaffected.
It seems like the value is calculated on the fly to have a 1 tick buffer based on energy usage.

My request would be to use the specified buffer_capacity instead of the dynamically calculated value, if present.

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Re: support for buffer_capacity on assemblers

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I would like this as well.

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