Advice on Running a Wiki

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Advice on Running a Wiki

Postby olafthecat » Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:34 pm

I have recently become invested in a D&d show by the name of Aquisitions Incorporated. Upon doing some research, I discovered that there was no Wikipedia for it, only a Wiki FANDOM, which is annoying. It is also barebones at best, with only a small amount of infomation there, the layout being a mess and most of the videos not being featured or summerised. I have since decided to begin investing my time in improving this wiki, but I need some advice. I would most appreciate if Bilka or one of the other wiki moderators would post something useful here about editing, dealing with trolls, fixing stuff quickly, ecetera. Anyway, thanks for reading this.
Been binge watching Aquasitions Incorporated "The C Team" recently.
A fun spin off of the original D&D game.
Also, the fanbase is quite active, which means lots of fanfiction!
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