Determining the main_product of a recipe

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Determining the main_product of a recipe

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Suppose there is a recipe with >2 results. It doesn't have recipe.subgroup, so recipe.main_product is requiresd. (To keep this simple, let's ignore difficulties -- I know they can exist, but they are not relevant to my question.)

Replacing a result x for result y is easy:

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if recipe.results["x"].name == recipe.main_product then 
	recipe.main_product = recipe.results["y"].name 
But what if I remove result x and this was the main_product? Setting a new main_product is easy when I work on a single recipe -- but not if I want to loop over all available recipes. Sure, I could use the first result, or the one with the highest amount, or the only one without probability, but all of that seems to be only half-baked. Did anybody else already think about this?
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