Configuring burner roboport equipment?

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Configuring burner roboport equipment?

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I just noticed that personal roboport equipment can specify its own burner power source and be given its own fuel slots etc. This is done with the burner and power properties which don't seem to exist on any other equipment type except generators. (Interesting as you can't have burner roboport entities.) Since I have two equipments which solely exist to power one burner roboport, I was immediately interested because I could get rid of the unneeded equipment.

However the energy_source property which is inherited from the abstract equipment class is still mandatory and can't be nil. It's restricted to electric or void only - if you specify "burner" that's ignored and it still appears in game as an electric energy source. It results in tooltips like this:

Untitled2.jpg (158.41 KiB) Viewed 105 times

How do you configure burner roboport equipment, then? It still consumes equipment grid electricity if a burner energy source is defined alongside, but you can't not specify the equipment grid energy source, so it still takes power from the grid on top of whatever is coming from the burner, unless you specify input_flow_limit as 0, which stops it taking power from the grid but the burner power source still fills the buffer. So that works functionally (I think?) but it looks really odd, especially the "Consumes equipment grid electricity" bit.

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