Creating a Nuclear Power Plant

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Creating a Nuclear Power Plant

Post by jnotaro »

I am trying to create a generator that will create a massive amount of energy using solid fuel. I have created nuclear fuel rods and added in additional resources that need to be mined in order to create the fuel but I can't figure out how make a generator. The generator type in game only uses a liquid fuel and is impossible to use to generate massive amounts of energy. Is there a way in game to do this.
Thank you in advance for any help

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Re: Creating a Nuclear Power Plant

Post by FreeER »

see this. As I mentioned there after you've read everything feel free to ask more questions here.

Also, you might use a furnace/boiler instead of the solar panel mentioned there.

See also these mods
Uranium Power - Liquius
MoPower - ludsoe

perhaps also (solar panel though) Power Limiter & DMG - darius456
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