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energy storage

Post by nosports » Sun Dec 02, 2018 4:12 pm


i do take a little stab at modding....

I feel a little lack of energy storage in factrio consisting only of some akkus....

So i made some 3 storage systems which takes the thermal storage to use

some recipes and materials (thermal-salt, phase-changing-material) and an additional 'temperature-exchanger' using a chemical plant as anchestor.

they are working, i need to get the numbers somewhat reasonably.
I think i aim at a smaller space requirement as the akkus, because material-wise all three variants don't use consumable except the water intake for the steam (but thouse are at the moment somewhat 1 water to 2.000 / 3.000 / 5.000 ratios)
2018-12-02 16_56_46-Factorio 0.16.jpg
2018-12-02 16_56_46-Factorio 0.16.jpg (194.58 KiB) Viewed 197 times
hot stone will take bricks and heat them to 1000°C (speak very much energy usage)
thermal salt uses a thermal salt fluid as storage (new material)
PCM is a phase-changing-material to use the huge energy demand when changing phase from solid to fluous

they are wired to an akku just to get the working points (full akkus -> storage, 80% akku -> generating steam and subsequently energy)

currently i figuring out where i should insert these three builds into the existing research three :P

feel free to hint or critize 8-)

here ongoing to some wise modders here:
as they are all using temperature as energy-storage, is there a way let the temperature in a(or all) tank/chest(s) drop to normal levels (15°) at a defined rate ?
(say 1° per 5 sec and with a new to be defined isolated tank/chest only some 0.001°C) :?:

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