[1.1.30] Steam turbines not accepting steam

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[1.1.30] Steam turbines not accepting steam

Post by JuicyLegend »

Dear reader,

For some reason one half of my steam turbines aren't working anymore. The problem started when there was no water available to produce steam anymore. I placed more offshore pumps evenly spread out and also pumps in between. It still wasn't working so I cut and replaced all the steam engines and heat exchangers but still no change. I also changed the fluid intake from one side to the other since I thought that distance might play a role in the pressure drop (although this was weird since it was working fine for a long time). I have a system with an accumulator that activates steam engines when the electricity becomes low but even disconnecting that system didn't make a change. I will attach my saves and logs and hope you can find something.

Kind regards,


P.S. The system worked fine in the Tomorrowland.zip
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Re: [1.1.30] Steam turbines not accepting steam

Post by sp55aa »

not a bug.

you have 20 heat exchangers, need water 20*103=2k/s. but there is only 1 offshore pump, provide water only 1.2k/s

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Re: [1.1.30] Steam turbines not accepting steam

Post by Loewchen »

The southern turbines are not connected to the main power network.

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