Bugs that are actually features.
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a few things i have seen since the start of 17 but have waited to tell hoping it would be noticed

trains with a list of stations in manual don't always start moving when moved to automatic

the map in the train window use to zoom in to the point you could see the train and the wagons and surrounding area. (i guess it's part of the change to alternative zoom)

having an add new condition button with every station means if you have a train with a ton of stations (like i do for personal use) the list is HUGE.
before when the station and conditions were separate it was a very calm list. now it's monstrously long and all with the same empty circuit condition and a button for new conditions. so a ton of useless repetition.

adding a station use to prompt for a condition. there is rarely a use for stations with out conditions except for path control.

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