Find a writer please

Suggestions relating to the Introduction and Campaign mode in Factorio
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Find a writer please

Post by Rinin »

With all do respect, guys, you make probably the best game for decades, but you are not writers. Campaign should contain story, it's shouldn't be only about "how to teach someone play factorio" or "how to force player to solve some challenges" It should contain all of this, but it should be more.

It was exciting to follow distress call in old campaign. Because it was about story, because I felled lonely on this planet, and i wanted to speak to someone. Some wierd robot giving me orders is not exciting. It's just interface.
You could create rich story within factorio setting, but furthermore it'll justify any goal you need.

We are mining iron not because we need to automate it, but because damn radio is broken.
We are switching from handmining to automated miners because planet have interference an we need huge antenna to transmit.
We build power because lifepod power source is exploded after biters attack
We switch to science because our building AI became offline

It all justify local goals much better than "we build electricity to make science later" and much better than "we do whatever the robot says"

It's a separate work to wave gameplay into ejoyable story. And ther are people who know how to write stories. Please find one inside the company or outside. Old campaign was nice because it was a story, not pure gameplay. It wasn't amasing story, but it was decent.

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Re: Find a writer please

Post by varundevan »

Campaign is what the main game play in games generally, i thought it is the same in factorio at first.
but, the campaign mode in factorio is just a tutorial to show players what can be done in this game.
so, it's the free play mode that is the main game play in this game.

It is different and good that, in free play the end objective is given and you have to figure all out by yourself to finish the game.
You can choose whatever you want to advance first (and then realize that you could have done other ways)

however, i agree that a strong story make a good game into a great game. IMO, 3 things makes a game great, great game play , great story , great graphics (great music is important too... )

factorio have good gameplay, but there is almost no story. It would be great to see a good story stitched with the great game play.


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