Please add the ability to disable the starting bonuses

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Please add the ability to disable the starting bonuses

Post by factoriogame1121 »

For example in mods settings..
Ability to disable such cheats as:
-Initial resources in inventory
-Remove spaceship
-Disable the initial concentration of all types of resources at one point
Start completely naked and in random terrain
One small setting and a lot of fun for those who like to get out of the initial bottom :) (the minimum initial radius of the biters is required :) )

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Re: Please add the ability to disable the starting bonuses

Post by BlueTemplar »

This probably deserves its own thread, but is there a way to have resources more staggered than starting/non-starting ?

I don't remember exactly the early game, and it might change with Alternative Energy anyway, but IIRC titanium (?) and especially rare earths could be further out ? (Roughly : starting resources should be *only* what is needed for red science ?)

A different minimum distance from start for each resource is what I used in BobDiggity, but Diggy uses a custom, from scratch, ore generation. Like RSO. Maybe there's a way to configure RSO like that too, Digging in the mod files ?

(I guess you might achieve something similar for non-starting resources just by using randomness - by tweaking Frequency down, but Size & Richness up for resources that are supposed to be farther out ?
Also, RSO has the option to remove (ALL!) ores in the starting area, but this would probably be unplayable with biters ?)
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