[17.21] Desync on 2nd connection

Desyncs in modded game will be ignored most of the time, until it is clearly proven that the desync is not caused by scripting.
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[17.21] Desync on 2nd connection

Post by KingPin » Fri Mar 29, 2019 3:07 am

hi, I am using a few mods predominantly Bob/Angel and factorissmo2 along with squeak through, RSO etc.
since 17.16 ( - 17.21) I am getting a desync on the second connection to the server, it can be the first player logging out and logging back in or a different player trying to login and I get the same result. I have debugged by removing plugins and testing and only one that fixes it is removing factorissmo2.

I have been researching how to debug this on discord + google & reddit for past few days but figuring out how to fix desync seems to be, find mod causing desync => remove mod => profit. which doesnt work here because removing factorissmo kills 80% of my factories.

The machine is a beefy dual E5 Xeon with 64 gigs of ram and a gigabit connect so keeping up with factorio shouldn't be an issue.

link to desync report: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cr9kgrd5rskrt ... -23-16.zip

Any help is appreciated. thank you.

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