Emergency power supply

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Emergency power supply

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Do you want to guard your combinator setups against deep brownouts?
This power storage does not work like your usual batteries.
It only activates when your power supply is so low that combinators stop working.
After that it tries to give only as much energy away as is needed for keeping you above the deep brown out threshold.

In the best case scenario it empty's only one power bank at a time and can give you 1,3GW for 267 seconds (2/3 of a day/night cycle)
In worst case it can deliver up to 10,4GW but only for 34 seconds.
After usage the battery disconnects itself from the grid and is powered by your emergency boiler setup (not included - needs to be connected to the Power pole with the hazard concrete.
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Blueprint only works with Factorio 1.1 or above

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