Bulldog Steam Power: Early or late, primary or backup, spike-protected, self-regulating, wood recycling, chunk aligned.

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Bulldog Steam Power: Early or late, primary or backup, spike-protected, self-regulating, wood recycling, chunk aligned.

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Tired of rebuilding steam power plants for each stage of the game I designed one that can be used throughout, just adding pieces.

Uses by stage:

- During burner stage, you can start with 2 bottom left boilers and their steam engines. Temporarily place a pipe piece right of the pipe constant combinator to force water supply on. Temporarily use yellow belt as needed (upgrade to red once you have it, but leave the belts marked yellow in the blueprint as yellow). Add more boilers and steam engines as needed.
- Once you have combinators and accumulators implement the circuitry.
- When you setup Solar or Nuclear power this plant automatically converts to being backup power plant, only running if needed.
- If you feed it wood, it automatically becomes an incinerator, turning on regardless of need.
- If you turn on the constant combinator on the row marked for a power switch, the plant will be forced on.
- Steam provides spike backup, if the plant is active. If the plant is off due to serving as backup only it will not provide spike protection. In such case spike protection is expected to be supplied by accumulator banks or by nuclear steam banks.


- If average steam per tank is less than 20k, it generates Green = 1.
- If the accumulator drops below 20%, it generates Green = 1 until it reaches 90%.
- If wood is supplied, it generates Green = 1.
- If the combinator switch is turned on, it generates Green = 1.
- Each of the 4 above have a green indicator light to show when they are on.
- The water pumps turn on when they receive Green > 1.
- The water pumps have indicator lights to show when they are on.

- The bottom left boiler and steam engines do not provide general power, they exist only to supply electricity to the power plant's inserters. As such it will always run, fed by a burner inserter.
- 1x3 chunks, chunk alignable.
- Verified compatible with version 0.17. Should work with most recent earlier versions as well as future versions.

Blueprint and description kept up to date on Factorioprints: https://factorioprints.com/view/-Ld1hKDrgO-7i3vLPB2d
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