Compact Reactor x4 (smart, safe, 477 MW)

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Compact Reactor x4 (smart, safe, 477 MW)

Post by TihiyKot » Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:02 pm

One more nuclear power plant x4 setup)

How to use:
  • Plant blueprint, connect to dron station, 6 separated water pumps and electic wires to one of substations
  • After reactor builded, turn constant combinator with fuel icon ON
  • Wait
  • compact design (try to find more compact ;))
  • one side for water pumps (easy to connect with lake)
  • smart nuclear fuel consumption without losses
  • up to 477 MW energy
  • safe separated net for reactor support system in case when consumption of energy greater then production
  • indication of steam and fuel in reactor
  • calculation of total used fuel (near constant combinators)
  • can be turned ON/OFF any time (constant combinator with fuel icon)
  • warnings about available fuel, used fuel overflow, and energy emergency situation

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Re: Compact Reactor x4 (smart, safe, 477 MW)

Post by Igor_Sev » Tue Dec 04, 2018 8:08 pm

I'm using this blueprint but without any combinators because Reactors always stucking.
Yes I turned constant combinator with fuel icon ON.
There are a lot of Uranium fuel cell in the chest, but no one in the reactor(s). At the same time there are some Used up uranium fuel cell in reactors.
May be topic starter or someone can help me or make changes to the blueprint.

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