Compact Reactor x4 (smart, safe, 477 MW)

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Compact Reactor x4 (smart, safe, 477 MW)

Post by TihiyKot » Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:02 pm

One more nuclear power plant x4 setup)

How to use:
  • Plant blueprint, connect to dron station, 6 separated water pumps and electic wires to one of substations
  • After reactor builded, turn constant combinator with fuel icon ON
  • Wait
  • compact design (try to find more compact ;))
  • one side for water pumps (easy to connect with lake)
  • smart nuclear fuel consumption without losses
  • up to 477 MW energy
  • safe separated net for reactor support system in case when consumption of energy greater then production
  • indication of steam and fuel in reactor
  • calculation of total used fuel (near constant combinators)
  • can be turned ON/OFF any time (constant combinator with fuel icon)
  • warnings about available fuel, used fuel overflow, and energy emergency situation

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