Unload to Belt or Underground [UPS-Testing]

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Clever and beautiful constructions, bigger than two chunks
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Unload to Belt or Underground [UPS-Testing]

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Hi Folks,

so i did some testing on the following Setups:
Inserter UPS Difference.jpg
Inserter UPS Difference.jpg (22.61 KiB) Viewed 882 times

The Filter-Inserter on Top is unloading to Blue-Belt, the lower one is unloading to an Underground...

To see what's better UPS-wise i build two Setups with 10.000 Inserters each. All the Filter-Inserters are clocked.


It's better to unload on Underground-Belts. The Setup unloading to Blue-Belt gets me to ~115 UPS maximum and the one unloading on to the Undergrounds ~120 UPS.

So feel free to see it yourself with the Savegames attached to this post. (You wanna sit in that Locomotive and Zoom all the way in to get the best possible Comparison between these two Maps)

That's all,
Inserter to UG-Belt.zip
(3.2 MiB) Downloaded 53 times
Inserter to Belt.zip
(3.13 MiB) Downloaded 52 times

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