14.000 Batteries / minute xD

Clever and beautiful constructions, bigger than two chunks
- Defense: killing biters as an art
- Castles, Throne Rooms, Decorations (comfortable living in the Factorio World)
- Main Bus Concepts
- Modular Systems, Factory Streets, show how all works together
- Megabases
Please provide us with blueprints or saves, if that makes sense of course.
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Clever and beautiful constructions, bigger than two chunks
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Fast Inserter
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14.000 Batteries / minute xD

Post by PanTobi »

Im just expanding my Factory ;3

Ofc. i just need to replace one Iron Smelter with Copper Smelter ( just replace Smart Inserters Filter )
and connect Iron and Copper to Batteries xD but i was working on it for 5 hours today... and i runned first tests

once i connect Iron and Copper everything will run at 100% ( actualy there is some Extra )

Factory produce 14.000 Batteries and Some Acid ( Extra Station if u need for BC )

Production View:
Factory View:
Factory View: MaxResolution ( Download on Your PC and Zoom IN :D ) - 60 MB File
Here You can see Small Version with Titles ( so u know what is where :3... )

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