Warehouse for order fulfillment

This board is to show, discuss and archive useful combinator- and logic-creations.
Smart triggering, counters and sensors, useful circuitry, switching as an art :), computers.
Please provide if possible always a blueprint of your creation.
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Warehouse for order fulfillment

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The warehouse has 16 freely configurable storage locations and a mixed location. The MIN-combinator is used to determine the materials in stock and their minimum quantity. Incoming finished products (belt close to the MIN-combinator) are sorted in their place. Free locations are used first. If a product occupies two places an automated compression is performed.

You can set any mix of products and order them by pressing the orderbutton. This sets the picks at the right places und the total number of products to ship.

  • Wrong orders may be cleared. The material will be brought back.
  • If new orders come in during commissioning they will be added.
  • Parallel storing of products ist supported.
  • Shipping is priorised over compression.
  • Modular expandable with both types of locations.
Denpending on requeirements of your factory it is realtively easy to implement more warehousing functions.
be patient if my english is not suitable it´s not my mother tongue.

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