Warehouse with specific ordering strategy

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Warehouse with specific ordering strategy

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This warehouse sends orders with the right number of iron and copper plates if a lower limit ist reached. Everything can be customized. This warehose is used in my facory. All is build on pull strategy for supply.

I´d like to get your comments.


Left side andless source for iron and copper. Right side the warehosue with flexible ordering strategy

The control logic is performed by the combinators (right side, upper third). The lowerlinit (u=unten Ge) and the upper limit (o=oben Ge) are set by a constant combinator. The material (iron resp. cupper) is set there too. The requested material has to be set at the outgoning combinator (upper left *WCu and *WFe).

The nixitubes show the current inventory. Acknowledge that all parts are taken into account: the chests, the belts after the splitter and the inserters.

If a limit is reached a 1 tick signal ist send to the supply saying the material and the requested quantitiy. This ist sored on supply side. Then the orders are executed. The inserters send whart they picked and the number is counted down. If nessesary more orders can be send. They are all accumulated.

The order is also stored at the entry of the warehouese. All incoming parts are counted and stored in the right location. When the shipment is complete, a check is carried out to ensure that enough material is now available.

If it is still below the lower limit automatically a next order will be send to the supplier. Such a case occurs when the consumption is higher than the the incoming material. In this demonstration the distance to the supplier is short. So the reaction on demands ist fast.

It depends on your logistics strategy to handle the situation:
  • if it rarely happens, then everything can stay as it is. Just order maually.
  • Increasing of upper and lower limit will help, but the stock will increase too.
  • Speed up the supply and send bigger batches. This will also increase the costs.
Try to find for your specific situation the best balance. That´s the all day job of a logistican.


be patient if my english is not suitable it´s not my mother tongue.

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